All options, one price!

We offer everything you can think of what belongs to a website in one total solution.
Don’t think about anything anymore! Give one assignment and you will be on the internet in no time. You can send and receive mail under your own company name!

Be present on the internet!

120.000 Ft + áfa

One-page-design website

You get a fully working WordPress site with the most professional plugins!

Choose your template

Choose from many templates. You can see them all here.

Expand yourself

If the site is online, you will receive access rights as an administrator and you can make changes yourself.

Extensive statistics

You gain insight into very extensive visitor statistics.

2 years .hu domainname

You choose your own .hu domain name.

1 year hosting

You get one year of hosting space for your site.

Secure SSL connection

Of course your site will be placed on a secure connection (with SSL certificate). Your domain name therefore starts with https:// and there will be a lock in front of your domain name.

Choose from >1 million photos

To set up the site you can use the photos from the template, but you can also choose from a collection of more than one million photos!

Professional Email

You can send and receive email with your own business email address. You can read and send e-mail both on your PC and in an app on your mobile phone or tablet. You get 5Gb space for your mailbox on a very professional platform!


A simple contact form will be placed on your site.

Google maps

The site will include a google maps map with your location (if you wish).

Submitted at Google

Your site will be submitted to Google Search Console. That’s how Google knows you exist.


If you complete the following steps, you can be online in a few days. 

  • Find a template
    Find a template

    Find here a template you like.

  • Find a .hu domain name
    Find a .hu domain name

    Check whether the domain name you want is still available.

  • Write the texts you would like to have on your site
    Write the texts you would like to have on your site

    Write the texts you would like to have on the site and email them to us!

  • Choose from the countless photos
    Choose from the countless photos

    There is a database of more than one million photos available to you!

  • We can get to work for you!
    We can get to work for you!

    Construction can begin! You will be online in no time!

Fully present on the internet
one fixed price!

120.000 Ft + áfa

Frequently asked questions

Look here for this page on the possible extras further on. Is something not listed? Feel free to even call or email. Everything is possible!

This is a standard WordPress site with more plugins. In this case, the water can be used to remove the word. If necessary, the instructions are brought to the site. Handicraft involves a disability.

Yes, of course it’s possible. Please contact us!

  • WordPress

    The most recent version of WordPress in Hungarian.

  • Elementor

    The most modern page builder for WordPress.

  • Envato Elements

    A wonderful addition to Elementor. Full of standard blocks and templates.

  • Astra Theme

    The fastest and most lightweight theme.

  • Akeeba backup

    Making backups of your site.

  • Font awesome
  • WordFence

    Extreme security

  • WP Fastest cache

    Makes your website superfast!

  • WP Statistics

    Detailed insight into your visitors.

  • Contact Form 7

    Contact form.

  • Form Vibes

    Storage of data from completed forms.

  • All 404 redirect to homepage

    Preventing dead links for Google.

The best plugins

You get an amazing list of beautiful features. Specially selected for the best and most beautiful websites!

Possible extras

  • Extra page
    Extra page20.000 Ft + áfa

    Do you want an extra page? Possible!
    Price per page.

  • .com domain name
    .com domain name4.000 Ft + áfa

    Do you want a .com domain name instead of a .hu? That's possible!
    After 12 months, you owe the normal price for a .com domain name.

  • Whatsapp button
    Whatsapp button4.000 Ft + áfa
  • Blog page
    Blog page25.000 Ft + áfa

    You want to start blogging on your website? Very wise to climb higher in Google. We create the opportunity for you!

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics4.000 Ft + áfa

    Do you want Google Analytics on your site? Fine. We will arrange for you!

  • Chatfunction
    Chatfunction10.000 Ft + áfa

    You can do the chat on your PC as well as on your mobile. Are you absent? then you will receive an email.

  • Topmenu with logo
    Topmenu with logo10.000 Ft + áfa

    Would you like a menu at the top of your website with a logo? No problem! The menu options then refer to the different parts of the homepage.

  • Instruction Elementor
    Instruction Elementor15.000 Ft + áfa

    We can give you a basic instruction for Elementor with TeamViewer. You can then make adjustments yourself. The duration is approximately 60 minutes.

  • Instruction blogging
    Instruction blogging15.000 Ft + áfa

    With TeamViewer we can give you basic instructions to start blogging yourself. You can then post blog articles yourself. The duration is approximately 60 minutes.

  • Want something else?
    Want something else?? Ft

    Is there something not in the list that you would like? Ask us. There are many more options than mentioned above.

NomadWeb is simply excellent!
"NomadWeb has provided us with excellent web services. We have been truly fortunate to be working with them. We can recommend anyone who is looking for a custom website to give them a call. They will creatively guide you in the right direction and they did everything we asked for in a friendly and timely manner. Besides that, they are always available for questions and problem solving. Thank you NomadWeb for this good work!"

Erna de Reus (via TrustPilot)

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