Domain registration and hosting

Arranging domain name registration and hosting with the web builder and site administrator is convenient and clear. All together!

Domain name registration

DomainPerPrice in Ft +áfa
.hu2 years2.990 Ft +áfa
.eu1 year2.990 Ft +áfa
.com, .org, .biz or .net1 year3.600 Ft +áfa


HostingPrice per year in Ft +áfa
1 Gb6.490 Ft +áfa
3 Gb7.790 Ft +áfa
5 Gb10.490 Ft +áfa

The minimum contract period is one year. Cancellations must be received at least 2 months before the end of the contract period. Hosting and domain names are billed in advance per year.


Using mailboxes on webhosting is the past tense. That’s old school! We are a modern thinking webagency, so on our hosting e-mailboxes aren’t possible!


But …..


We kindly help you with your emailboxes on the modern way with Zoho mail. You will get email addresses attached to your own domainname. 


In our hosting price is included that we setup one mailbox at Zoho mail. You will get a 5 Gb mailbox for free! Need more? Zoho has a lot of options!

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