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Nomadic Web is also a full service web agency.
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Nomád webszolgáltató Kft. is een full service webagency where Bugner Szilvia and Jan van Kuijk are working together as designer and webprofessional. 

We are creating excellent websites and webshops, taking care for all the technical requirements and bring you to the top in Google!

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Nomád webszolgáltató Kft. is een full service webagency where Bugner Szilvia and Jan van Kuijk are working together as designer and webprofessional.

We are creating excellent websites and webshops, taking care for all the technical requirements and bring you to the top in Google!


We create your webshop

Ask for a fixed-price quote for creating a webshop.
Request a quote without any obligation!

Backup & Maintenance

Keep your site up to date!

We can fully take care of the making of backups and the maintenance of your site.
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Being traceable is a must

Can't be found in Google? Then forget it! Do you want to be findable? A big job! We know how to do it.
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Searching for a needle ...

Problems with your site? It may indeed be a needle in a haystack that you are looking for. We are happy to do it!
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All options

one price!

120.000 Ft +áfatól

Do you want one solution and one low price for everything? All inclusive? This is possible with us from 120,000 Ft. Of course you can expand as you wish!

Professional, committed, accurate, personal and fast

That is what our customers say about us on TrustPilot. We are of course a little proud of that!

goal oriented


Domain registration and hosting

Arranging domain registration and hosting with the web builder and site administrator is convenient and clear. Full service!

Boost WordPress performance

Obviously, a slow website can be annoying to the visitor. A slow website is also a problem for SEO and search by Google.

Update and security subscription

Are you looking for security for your website / webshop and do you want to have updates installed, then take out an update and security subscription.

1st page of Google

Being difficult to searched in Google is the deathblow for many companies and organizations, but being findable is an impossible task for most.

Becoming searchable on the internet is a precarious and very complex job that requires a lot of energy and creativity. After all, there are only 10 places on the first page of Google and everyone wants to be on the first page. So that does not fit.

Do you want to know how? Are you willing to invest (in time and money) in becoming findable? Call or email us! We can explain in detail how it works.


Our customers gave their reviews on TrustPilot. Here are some of them.

Szilvia Bugner

Finding marketing based creative solutions is her real field. Szilvia worked more than 15 years as creative producer for television. During her work she made creative campaigns based on marketing strategies.
Currently she is working for her own company as creative designer, mainly designing interiors.
Creating websites and customise them for the client’s needs is the perfect challenge for her where efficiency, agility and attunement of the client’s needs and personality are as important as to find the best, most suitable creative solutions.


Jan van Kuijk

Creating, maintaining and managing WordPress websites and webshops, that’s his world!

Jan has been active on the internet for almost 30 years now. Many hundreds of sites have passed him by. Currently, the full technical and functional management of more than 250 websites lies with him.

He is an experienced troubleshooter in WordPress and Joomla.
In 2012 he was co-founder and then co-organizer of a Joomla User Group in The Netherlands for many years.

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